Nicholas Grant of Owensboro has always loved cars and trucks.  According to his mom, Carol, he's been obsessed with vehicles since he was old enough to walk and talk.  Nicholas loves to go to car dealerships, explore the lots and even test drive the vehicles.  I know this from experience.  I was broadcasting live one day and Nicholas showed me the self-parking features of a Ford F-150!  Not kidding.  He took the key away from me, hopped in the driver's seat and made the truck self-park itself.  This kid is a pro!  And one of Nicholas' favorite lots to visit is Don Moore Automotive.  And the sales team there just made his dream of being a car salesman come true.  Watch!


Bob Hurm, a manager for Don Moore, will tell you that Nicholas knows a ton about cars.  And the sales staff at the lot often let Nicholas help them when the are dealing with customers.  Nicholas will talk about the options and features and, because of his efforts, he has earned a spot on the dealer board . . . with all the other salesmen and the number of cars they sell each month.

A couple of months ago (in November), the guys at the lot decided they were going to present Nicholas with an award for all the help he gives them!  Nicholas was so excited and we're excited to share his story here at!

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