It feels like the traffic is getting to be more manageable in downtown Louisville lately. I used to compare Nashville favorably to Louisville in this regard, but no longer. The tide has turned.

Every city wants and NEEDS to grow, but it's happening so fast in Music City that avoiding its historic and tourist-friendly downtown area has become a must. Even locals are telling people to stop moving there.

But with the recent explosion of the NuLu neighborhood, there's been an upgrade across the board in downtown Derby City. Dope new restaurants, museums, hotels, and just really awesome places to hang out have made Louisville very attractive to tourists near and far. And when they arrive, there's no telling what oddities they might encounter.

The Giant Bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum

If you have even a REMOTE interest in baseball, the Louisville Slugger Museum has to be on your bucket list. Then again, if you ARE a fan, you've probably crossed it off multiple times. When you get there, you will be greeted by the largest baseball bat in the world. I mean, come on, where ELSE would they put it?

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The Troll Pub Troll

Before you dive into the wonderful menu at Louisville's subterranean Troll Pub, the troll himself will greet you at street level. He's SO much nicer than the one that always gives the three billy goats a hard time.

The Statue of David

The 30-foot-tall David statue in downtown Louisville is nearly twice the size of Michelangelo's original and is the property of the 21C Museum Hotel. It makes for quite a greeting before checking in.

Google Street View; Canva
Google Street View; Canva

The World's Largest Vampire Bat

If you're city is going to be home to the world's largest baseball bat, it might as well be home to the world's largest VAMPIRE bat as well. Fortunately, this one isn't a real vampire bat; that would be, shall we say, problematic.

Now, let me add a request. Louisville is Muhammad Ali's hometown. The Muhammad Ali Center is downtown. A statue of the late sports icon should be commissioned and erected in front of the center.

There. I've said my peace. Enjoy your excursion through downtown Louisville.

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