Devastating drone footage from Owensboro storm chaser Christopher Conley shows the unbelievable footage of the damage after the fatal tornado swept through Western Kentucky. Here's a birds-eye view of Bremen and Dawson Springs, Kentucky where homes and businesses were destroyed.

Christopher Conley /270 Drones - Bremen Tornado 2021
Christopher Conley /270 Drones - Bremen Tornado 2021

After deadly tornadoes hit Western Kentucky over the weekend, residents in Bremen and Dawson Springs were left to pick up the pieces. We've cried with many of those families in the Christmas Wish office throughout the week. Families have lost everything from their homes, vehicles, barns, belongings, and even important documents. With great sadness, reports began to emerge that 25 beautiful souls lost their lives after the historically-long tornado tore apart these two rural communities. It's hard to comprehend how they'll even begin to rebuild after so much loss. It could take years to recover from the devastation that the tornado left in its wake. Many families were so humbled, and wouldn't tell us anything additional that we could do to help them. They just want their kids to have a special Christmas with so much sadness surrounding them. There's no question that we will all make those wishes happen. It's the least that we can do to help ease the pain.

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When bad weather is due to hit the tri-state, my friend Christopher Conley goes into storm chaser mode. He works with local news outlets to report what's happening in the skies to help keep people safe. I talked to Chris on Saturday morning to see how he was doing. It was obvious that he felt deflated. "I’m good just a little down. Doesn’t seem like we can ever do enough to let people know.", Chris shared.

While I watched Eyewitness News with Wayne Hart's coverage of the storms, Chris reported from a gas station in Dawson Springs as the tornado was quickly approaching. You could hear the worry in his voice as he talked about the people who were still there when he left the scene. I asked him more about that encounter.

Chris shared the experience with me. "I stopped and begged the people in the gas station to get in the cooler. The wedge tornado will be here in 5 minutes. They looked at me like I was crazy. I walked back out to the truck. Soon after the lady running the cash register came out in the rain and asked me if I was serious. I said it’s right there go get in the cooler. They did."

In the early morning hours of Saturday, he was relieved to find out that everyone made it out safely. Chris had a scary night as he followed the tornado from Princeton to Morton’s Gap. It almost caught up with him as he was leaving Dawson Springs. I'm so glad that he made it out alive and was able to help so many. He felt helpless with those that didn't make it, but he also saved so many lives, and for that we're grateful. We also grieve for those that lost so much and we'll be there for you in the days, weeks, and years ahead. We'll also continue to pray for your family.

Later in the week, Chris who's the owner of 270 Drones Aerial Imagery took his drone over Bremen and Dawson Springs to survey the damage. What he shared is nothing short of catastrophic. It felt like someone kicked me in the stomach when I saw the devastation.

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