Maybe, just maybe, you oughta be in pictures. If that's the case, your opportunity may have just presented itself.

According to its IMDB page, the upcoming comedy The Stand-In, starring Drew Barrymore, is about a comedy actress trading places with her ambitious stand-in.

Barrymore plays both roles.

That is, admittedly, pretty vague. But I'm sure more plot points will be fleshed out, to a certain extent, as production continues.

And production has begun in New York, according to Screen Daily, but will move to the Wrigley Media Group Studios in Lexington.

This is what I've been saying.

Make more movies in Kentucky.

And, honestly, I'm not even sure Kentucky will be a setting in the movie. To me, this kind of thing sounds like a cost consideration. That's actually even better. Maybe this studio in Lexington is the beginning of something bigger.

Atlanta has become a hotbed for film production. It's the home base for The Walking Dead production team. And the amazing Netflix series, Ozark, uses Atlanta's surroundings to double for southern Missouri.

Western North Carolina doubled for the Show-Me State in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

It happens all the time. I hope it KEEPS happening in Lexington.

Anyway, now that I got THAT off my chest, let's talk extras. Like MOVIE extras.

Like The Stand-In needs dozens of them. WLKY-Lexington says the film's crew will be there at the end of February, so hurry.

If you want to apply, click here and GOOD LUCK!


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