How would you like to open the door and slide behind the wheel of a 1950 Ford Custom Convertible? Well, a small town here in Kentucky is giving you the chance to do just that. Dundee, Kentucky is gearing up for Dundee Day and they're doing it with a really unique and fun raffle. They're giving folks the chance to win this classic car at auction.

Now, the car in this particular video isn't the exact one being raffled off, but this will give you an idea what these cars look like. They're awesome!

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The 1950 Ford Custom Convertible being given away in Dundee is the one pictured in the photo at the top of the story. It's in EXCELLENT condition, is "show ready" and has 94,375 original miles.

Tickets for the raffle cost $20 a piece. The reserve is $40,000, so a minimum of 2000 tickets must be sold. However, if the reserve is not met, all ticket holders will be invited to bid on the car at auction (with no minimum in place).  By the way, your raffle ticket purchase is tax deductible.

The grand prize drawing will be held on Dundee Day, which takes place on Saturday, September 17th at 3pm CST at the Dundee Community Center.  The address is 11658 HWY 69 North in Dundee.

By the way, raffle ticket holders do NOT have to be present to win.

This morning, Darren "Farmer" Luttrell joined the radio show to chat about Dundee's classic car raffle, which will raise money for a local scholarship fund to assist local families in need.


Dundee Day
Dundee Day

To purchase your raffle tickets, CLICK HERE!

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