We all have that one or ten shows we've gotten so hooked on that it becomes part of our existence and when it ends your completely distraught right?  These shows literally weave their way into our lives and put a footprint on our hearts and we are never the same.

I know all good things must come to an end but Lord who knew when these shows did it would break me.

#8 ER:  I started watching this show with my mom in the early '90s and continued to be sucked into reruns through college.  If you never watched it was a medical drama based out of the Emergency Room of County General Hospital in Chicago.  My emotions literally went up and down with the characters in the show.  The most memorable episode for me was when Lucy and Carter got stabbed.  I just rewatched that episode and it stung just as bad as it did 25 years ago.

#7 SAVED BY THE BELL:  This was my Saturday morning jam.  The world wasn't right if I wasn't sitting in front of the tv watching Kelly, Zack, Slater, Jesse, Screech, Lisa, and the gang get into trouble.  My favorite episode is when the girls'  do a music video.  It has a huge message about teens doing too much and the consequences of taking caffeine pills to get things done.

#6 FRIENDS:  I became a lover of Friends late in life.  I remember watching the show when I was in high school and we would all gather at youth group and order pizza and watch after our lesson.  I didn't much pay attention then because  I was too busy socializing.  After college, I started watching it and fell in love.  Of course, the show was almost over by then.  I was completely crushed and left totally out in the cold with the last episode.  My very favorite episode is when Chandler and Monica get engagement pictures.  I laugh until I pee every time.  I know you're surprised.

#5 WILL & GRACE:  I loved this show from the beginning and had to go through two break-ups.  I mean what show does that?!  As if the first time wasn't bad enough they had to come back wave a carrot in the horse's face and rip it away.  I'm pretty sure I can't even pick an episode that is my favorite in this because I love them all but the one that comes to mind has everything to do with Jack & Karen and the word ATM!  Chad and I actually dressed up as Jack & Karen for a work Halloween party and did skits the whole time.  We got 3rd place by the way.

#4 THE CLOSER:  I love crime shows.  This one came out of the gate strong with Kiera Sedwick (A.K.A Kevin Bacon's wife) as the star.  She heads up the Major Crimes division of the LAPD.  I have gotten Joe hooked on this show and we DVR it still.  It lasted 7 seasons and every single one was awesome.  Brenda with her southern charm and wit was probably the best part and her love for sweets of course.

#3 MAJOR CRIMES:  A spinoff series of The Closer where Sharon Rader comes back in Brenda's place to run the division.  At first, I didn't want to like her and I almost didn't watch the show.  However, the rest of the cast returned after Kiera retired and so I gave it a go.  To my delight it was AWESOME.  You come to love Captain Rader and her relationship with her team.  Especially, after she takes in Rusty, a young teen boy who was originally on The Closer.

#2 CRIMINAL MINDS:  I wasn't a huge fan of this show when it first came out.  If I am being completely transparent the first few seasons are a little grim.  I began to like it about Season 8.  The cast kind of falls into place well in and out of place but for the most part it's good.  I love the dynamic of the team.  I always wished I could work with a team like them.  They are literally the best of friends, solve crimes, save lives, and hang out together.  I sobbed like a baby when it was over.  Which was just a very few months ago.  I am not sure I could pick a character that was my favorite but if I was one of them it would definitely be JJ.


#1 THE GOLDEN GIRLS:  I'm crying as I type this show shaped my life.  It was one I began watching with my momma as a little girl.  It was our time.  We laughed, cried, learned, and grew with these women.  They were single and so was my momma.  I saw myself in each one of their personalities.  I related to their stories.  And in certain situations in my life, I've had to channel each of them to get through.  The show was so far ahead of its time.


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