In the last few weeks, folks in Grayson County, Kentucky and here in the tristate have been excited to hear Elvie Shane on the radio.  The Caneyville, Kentucky singer is on the verge of having a huge country music hit with his debut single "My Boy."  This week, it's sitting at #41 on the Mediabase Chart and continues to gain spins and fans.

If you haven't heard it, here's the song.  It's tremendous!

Last week, Elvie joined me and Angel on the show to talk about the success of "My Boy" and its impact on the folks who are hearing it and absolutely falling in love with ithe song, its message and heart.

Elvie then shared with us what it was like to hear his song on the radio for the first time and also shared the scoop about a song of his that actually mentions WBKR! This is pretty cool.

We're definitely keeping an ear on "My Boy" and an eye on Elvie.  2020 has been incredible enough for him, but we're looking ahead to 2021.  We think it may be an even bigger year for him.

Elvie had his first real taste of national success about four years ago on Season 15 of American Idol.  Remember this?

Yep!  He got a golden ticket.  Elvie made it to the Group Round during Hollywood Week, but was eliminated after his performance of Alex Clare's "Too Close."

But none of that matters now.  We really think Elvie Shane is poised to crack the Billboard and Mediabase Country Top 10 with his debut single.

There's no doubt that, in the last four years, Elvie has come a long way.  As he mentioned, there's really no such thing as an overnight success story.  Elvie's been at it a while and all that hard work and dedication and songwriting is finally paying off.  I personally think we're about to see it pay off it a really big way.

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