On this date, December 3, 1968 - 45 years ago - much of America gathered around their black and white or color TV sets to watch the comeback special of Elvis Presley. The special -- sponsored by Singer Sewing Machines! -- had been promoted for weeks. Elvis, the King of Rock ‘N Roll, who got his start in Country as the Hillbilly Cat, had been out of the public’s eye for nine years except in his run of successful films and they were starting to lack luster.

His loyal fans, who screamed with every twitter of his body, in the 50’s awaited the chance to see their inspiration move once again.

And, what a treat the show was. From Elvis dressed in black leather performing intimately with a group of his favorite musicians and friends to a full blown Las Vegas style stage with his name in red neon behind him as he is attired in all white.

A few months after the special, Elvis Presley opened at the Las Vegas Hilton International and later began touring in the U.S. with his famous costumes, background singers and karate styled gyrations.

A complete history of the special is here at Wikipedia.

And, if you have time, view the entire show on You Tube here.

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