I was just 5 years old when Elvis passed away on this day August 16th, 1977  that was a sad day across America. I had probably 100 Elvis cards, not knowing then it wasn't a good idea to glue them all to a piece of plywood ha ha. I have been a fan of Elvis all my life, there will never be another entertainer like him! His merchandise still sells like hot cakes 34 years after his death, and you name it just about anything & everything has had Elvis's picture on it. I did a search on Ebay and over 63,000 items of Elvis popped up, or go to Google and just type in Elvis Presley and the result over 66 million sites found, and Elvis even has a Facebook page with over 4 million friends, that is unbelievable!


My favorite Elvis song "Suspicious Minds"

"Can't Help Falling In Love"

"Always On My Mind"

"Burning Love"

"Jailhouse Rock"

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