Let me set the stage for you. Wednesday morning, Angel, my radio morning show cohost, had just walked out of our brand new studio. I just assumed that she was making a quick trip to the break room to refill her coffee. Well, my bad. That's not where she went at all.

In fact, little did I know, I was about to inadvertently stumble across where she went as she was going.  Literally and figuratively.  LOL!

See, here at Townsquare Media's Owensboro office, we have a restroom in the lobby of our office.  I wanted to wash my hands, so I was going to run out there real quick while a song was playing and be back in plenty of time for our next talk break.

As I approached the lobby, it occurred to me there was a slight chance that Angel had gone to the restroom instead of going to the break room.  And, if she had, for convenience, she would likely have chosen to drop it like it's hot in the unisex lobby restroom instead of walking all the way to the back of the building to use the women's room.

If only she would have gone to this one . . .

Chad Benefield
Chad Benefield

Instead . . .

As I rounded the turn for the lobby, I noticed that the door was slightly cracked, but, for extra good measure, yelled, "Are you in there?

Of course, meet feet were moving faster than my lips and I happened to yell "Are you in there?" as I was turning the door knob and opening the door. Oh, she was certainly in there alright. She had popped a big ole squat and was mid-stream and scrolling through Instagram when I barged through the door.

Chad Benefield
Candace Cleveland

She screamed. I screamed. We both screamed and I quickly did a 180 and rolled right back out the door I came in.

I will admit. This particular instance was relatively harmless compared to an unfortunate moment involving a different coworker in the same lobby restroom.  A few years ago, I opened the door and got a big eye and nose full.  One of my male coworkers was on the throne, pants down around his ankles, dropping a deuce that could have caused the shingles on the roof to dissolve. I couldn't wash out my eyes and my nostrils fast enough.

So, has this ever happened to YOU?  Have you ever accidentally walked in on a coworker using the restroom?

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