Listen, I get it. Friends mania has been running wild as of late. Why? Two reasons, one, it will move from Netflix to the NBC Universal streaming service Peacock next year and it turns 25. I'm almost ashamed to admit I forgot another pivotal, cultural juggernaut of a show also turns 25, ER

I was a late-comer to both shows. I can't remember which one I saw first, but I did see both during their first seasons. The first ER episode I vividly remember and everyone remembers was "Love's Labor Lost"; it won five Emmy awards. It's a tough one to watch even now. All I know is I was hooked and I don't think there will ever be another ER. It made George Clooney a superstar and Julianna Margulies, Sherry Stringfield, Anthony Edwards, and Noah Wyle household names.

These days, there's a new medical show every season. They all want to be the next ER. Yes, I do love Grey's Anatomy, which will end up surpassing ER in seasons on the air, season 16 will hit the air this week and season 17 has already been given the green light. ER probably could have gone on and on, and sometimes I wish it did.

What do you think? Have other medical shows lived up to ER?

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