Normally, Angel shares a Bargain of the Week with you on Friday mornings.  This week, I am getting in on the action too because I happen to have inside scoop on a huge estate sale that's taking place this weekend.

Recently, one of my mother's best friends passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Cathy Gillispie and her family have been a part of our lives for nearly four decades.  Her kids and I grew up together and she and my mom have been lifelong friends.  They've shared tragedy and triumph together and insane amounts of time working crossword puzzles and sharing dreams about opening up a flower shop.

Among Cathy's tragedies- the untimely death of her son, Lesley.  Lesley was killed in a ftraffic accident years ago and that accident had a significant, lasting impact on the family.  Lesley's brother, Wesley, lost his twin.  Angie lost one of her two younger brothers,  Cathy and Darrel lost a son.

It was that life event that basically sent Cathy into "preservation" mode.  Her fear of loss took hold and, simply put, she became a hoarder.  I am not sharing anything with you that I shouldn't.  Those of us who knew Cathy knew this about her.  She was a hoarder, but not in the classic sense that you see portrayed on television.  Cathy loved to shop and, as if she was on a mission to fill a crippling void in her life, bought and bought and bought.

When she passed away, her family really had no idea the extent she had gone to buy anything and everything she thought she would eventually need.  She didn't part with anything.  Ever.  Not only was the house full, so was the garage. And multiple storage buildings behind the house.  And a pull-behind trailer.

She power-shopped for the kitchen, the holidays, that flower and craft shop she never got the chance to open.

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For the last couple of months, Angie, my mom and various family members and friends have been opening endless totes, boxes and barrels and finding abundant treasures that Cathy collected.  You name it.  She bought it.

Today, Saturday and Sunday, all those treasures, trinkets and collectibles are going to be for sale in a massive estate sale.  Some of those treasures have already ended up in my house.  Kevin, who is obsessed with glassware, has purchased some really cool pieces.  In fact, we have filled up a buffet in our hallway and it looks terrific.  Other folks have gotten in on the action too and have purchased items from a Facebook page that Angie set up.

But there's SO much more.  There aren't enough words to even describe it.  I am sharing details about the sale today because I know, from first-hand experience, that there are some great bargains up for grabs.  Here are just a few pics!


Chad is bringing a bargain of the week. There is a huge estate sale in Thruston and we got a peek.

If you'd like to check out the sale, it's running all weekend long.  The address is 5118 Sturbridge Place (off Reid Road and Graham Lane) in Owensboro.  The sale will run today, Saturday and Sunday.

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