Remember when Katy Perry spent time in Kentucky in 2022 because her partner, Orlando Bloom, was shooting a film. She loved it and had a lot of folks convinced she was moving here. That was not the case, but she sang our praises nonetheless.

It seems Kentucky HAS the requisite charm that knocks celebrities' socks off. Another one, Ethan Hawke, fell in love with Commonwealth in late 2022 and early 2023 when he was shooting Wildcat, which will be released in May.

Ethan Hawke Plans to Shoot Another Movie in Kentucky

It seems two-time Oscar nominee Hawke has seen what I have seen for years. And that's the REALITY that small-to-midsize Kentucky towns are PACKED with that "requisite charm" that draws people back. We have learned that it's drawing Ethan Hawke back, and to another location that was at the heart of a series of Lifetime shoots last year.

The new, as-yet-untitled project is in the very early stages, but not so early that casting calls have been announced for background actors in a variety of roles.

Extras Needed for Somerset KY Film Shoot

At SignUpGenius, you'll see that casting agents have filled quite a few positions but more are needed. They still need "dance families" in a variety of color-accented clothing. Yes, they need a LOT of background actors, and you could be one of them.

These are all volunteer positions, by the way, but what an extraordinary experience. Keep that schedule from SignUpGenius handy if you plan to participate because the auditions are on different days and times from April 3rd through April 20th.

I think this is stupendous. I love that Ethan Hawke was so enamored of Kentucky that he wants to return...and this time to another location. And what a great champion for Kentucky Steve Zahn is as a resident who loves living in Georgetown.

Spread the word, Steve and Ethan. Open those floodgates. There are many more picturesque towns in Kentucky than you can shake a stick at. The possibilities are practically limitless.

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