While you're enjoying a season of American Idol that has shone the spotlight on Kentucky talent throughout the season--I'm looking at you, Dakota Hayden and Noah Thompson--you're also watching a JUDGE who has taken up residence in the Commonwealth.


For years, I thought of Katy Perry, whose professional life began as a contemporary Christian singer named Katy Hudson, as a southern girl because of her appearance, in 2014, on ESPN's College Gameday. She was invited to be a "celebrity guest picker" and was there supporting the University of Mississippi. I thought she was an alumna, but no. She was there in support of her manager, Bradford Cobb, and her mentor, Glen Ballard, who are Ole Miss graduates. Outside of those guys, she has no connection to the university but still rushed the field when the Rebels upset No. 3 Alabama that day.


So when I saw that she is currently living in Kentucky and loving every minute of it, I thought it was a natural fit because of her southern roots. But her roots aren't southern. She's a southern California native who just happens to love being here amongst us Kentuckians.

And if you had to guess why, you'd probably eventually get to the reason. But I'll save you the brain cells...she loves Kentucky because it's REAL and, as she says--according to a FOX News report--Hollywood is not.

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Recently on Chelsea Handler's podcast, the pop superstar said she's been living in Kentucky "for almost a month now, and that's quite an amazing experience." She explained the reason behind her high opinion of the Bluegrass State by saying that "Hollywood is not America" and that "you need to remember that."


Perry has been living here while her partner Orlando Bloom continues filming a movie called Red Right Hand in Campbellsburg, about an hour east of Louisville.

Of course, while she's living here, it's kind of a home base because of her current residency in Las Vegas, which is the first topic in this interview with CBS Norah O'Donnell.

There's no telling how long the couple will be residing in Kentucky, but Bloom lived here for however many months it took to shoot 2005's Elizabethtown.

And considering the high praise Katy Perry has lavished on Kentucky, and because she can now use firsthand experience to compare living here with living in Tinseltown, who knows...maybe she and Orlando will find a permanent home base here.

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