Tomorrow, Andrew Smith will walk across the city of Evansville.  When he does, he'll carry water jugs that are similar to those many people around the world use to fetch water.  It's the 5 Gallon Challenge and he's leading the charge to raise awareness about a pressing global issue: the lack of access many people of the world have to clean water.

Andrew will walk a 4-mile route that will begin at the corner of Riverside and US 41 and will eventually end up on Franklin Street.  His walk will be in support of an Indiana-based organization called Water for Good, which works to provide clean water to people living in the Central African Republic.

Andrew is encouraging people to join him in one of two ways.  If you'd like to join him on his route tomorrow, you're invited to do so.  His walk will get underway at 9am CST.

The second way to support his efforts is to donate.  A simple $5 donation will provide one person living in the Central African Republic clean water for one year.  If you'd like to donate, CLICK HERE!



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