Angel here!  As a child, I was fascinated by dinosaurs.  When I lived in Ohio the zoo had a dinosaur exhibit and I will never forget it.  The dinos were all hands on and we had a blast.  Now they're in Evansville!

How exciting!  These creatures arrived in the museum yesterday and will be staying until October 28.

According to the Museum here's what to expect:

Experience Dinosaur Discovery and get a taste of life during the Mesozoic era by coming face-to-face with large North American creatures from the Cretaceous period. Hear the thundering roar of the fearsome Albertosaurus, while a coastal Pteranodon flies overhead. Wander with the three-horned, giant-frilled Triceratops and its young as they graze on vegetation.

In addition to seeing a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur, a family of quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs, and a toothless carnivorous aerial reptile, children can become paleontologists while digging for fossils through sand and uncover even more fossils by rubbing crayons on paper-covered templates. Take a memory of your visit home with you with a photograph of you or your guests riding a Triceratops or peering out from inside the deadly jaws of a Tyrannosaurus rex. The exhibition includes a display of fossil replicas of dino skulls, eggs and footprint casts from the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Admission to Dinosaur Discovery for members is $5 for Adults and free to youth.  If you are not a member it is $20 for Adults and $16 for youth.

Ticket prices include admission to the Museum and all of its galleries, admission to our Evansville Museum Transportation Center (EMTRAC) and admission to any show of your choice in the Koch Immersive Theater during the day of your visit.

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