If you ever have the chance to talk with one of the participants of Aurora's 48 Hours in the Life Experience, ask them what major resources we lack for the homeless community. There is a very good chance they will tell you about the lack of shelter, services, and programs for women and children.


This issue has certainly been on the radar of the board members and staff at Your Evansville Rescue Mission. Their Residence Center offers shelter and amazing programs to help men get back into society. They share so many amazing stories of life-changing moments for these men as they gain their confidence back, and find faith.


Are There Women and Children that are Homeless in Evansville?

The stereotypical homeless person is usually a man. So, is there really an issue with women and children that are homeless here in our community?

Aurora Evansville Stats

  • Each year, Aurora serves 250 homeless children
  • 40% of the clients are women
  • 80% of homeless women are fleeing a physically or sexually abusive situation
  • 40% of those on the street struggle with mental health issues

The Susan H. Snyder Center for Women and Children

The Evansville Rescue Mission announced plans for an extremely important project to assist the homeless women and children in our community. This huge undertaking will be life-changing for moms that not only need a safe space, but that also need help figuring out what comes next.

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“Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this project involves programming opportunities. Services we currently offer to men at our Men’s Residence Center will be modified, supplemented, and bolstered to cater to the unique needs that homeless women and children face. We know, however, that we will not be able to accomplish this task alone and are excited for the prospect of working collaboratively with others in our community: ministries, churches, government agencies, and other service providers. We envision leaning on one another for the benefit of the women and children who will reside at the CWC to help them learn the life skills necessary to not only survive but to thrive as members of our community.”  President / CEO Tracy Gorman

Tracy Gorman Gives us the details in this Exclusive interview

The Susan H. Snyder Center for Women and Children is expected to open sometime around March of 2025.

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Your Evansville Rescue Mission is so much more than a men's homeless shelter. They provide a lot of services to give a hand up, not a handout. ERM has been serving Evansville, Indiana for over 100 years, thanks to volunteers.

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