Exciting news for the Owensboro community.  A brand-new Mexican restaurant is making its way to the south side of Frederica Street.

Angel here and it's almost like deja vu.  This time last year we were breaking news that Penguin Point was coming to the former Captain D's location next to Pizza Hut by the bypass.

Penguin Point suddenly closed its doors in early spring and left us all wondering what would come of the building.  Now we know.  Alfonso's Taco Shop is coming soon.  We don't know an exact date according to their Facebook page just that they are working to establish their presence in Owensboro and will let us know closer to the time when they are opening.

According to their website Alonsosrestaurants.com:

Family-owned and operated since 1985. The perfect mixture of authentic Mexican food and west coast style Mexican food.

The website says the original Alfonso's is located in Versailles.  Owensboro will be getting a smaller scaled taco shop.

If you're looking for a job they are hiring cashiers and cooks.  If you are interested you can head to their Facebook page and send them a message.

According to the website items on the menu vary by location.  The one near Lexington serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Some of the items include; a variety of breakfast burritos, breakfast plates, tacos, rolled tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, nachos, fries, fajita places, and more.


Hopefully, they will have dine-in and drive-thru options.  This side of Owensboro needs a lot more restaurant love.


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