Several years ago, Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart informed me that, when it comes to seasons changing, meteorologists make it easy and go with the first day of the month.

So, the first day of meteorological spring is March 1st. Summer is June 1st. Fall is September 1st. Winter is December 1st.

It sure is a lot easier than trying to remember what day the equinox or the solstice is going to be.

So, for meteorologists, it's been Fall for three weeks. Except that right now, it's 91 degrees. And, unfortunately, we have no argument. (We wouldn't anyway, I guess.) The calendar says this Saturday is autumn's first day.

And summer is squeezing every last drop out of its season that it can.

Well, this year, it looks like Fall will arrive right on schedule as a cold front is due to cruise through the tri-state on Friday setting up a much cooler--and maybe a bit of a wetter--weekend.

In fact, the National Weather Service, right now, has us under a marginal risk for severe weather Friday.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

I certainly hope things don't get too out of hand, but if we're going to have a temperature drop like the one expected, the possibility of severe weather shouldn't be too UNexpected.

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