Since 1960, Thomason's Barbecue in Henderson has been serving hickory-smoked succulent barbeque fresh off the pit. Recently, the small-town family-owned restaurant set a milestone by garnering a huge following from all over the country. Let's meet the pit masters and talk about the world-famous baked beans.

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Although I've heard about Thomason's Barbecue, I've never tried the food yet. After researching for this article, I need to visit soon! I have a long-standing love affair with any kind of barbeque. There's nothing better than those smokey flavors fresh off the pit. Are you a fan of delicious barbecued meat?


Since purchasing the restaurant in 1994, Father-son duo Frank and Kevin Gibson continue to cook up your favorite homemade recipes to keep you coming back for more. On any given day, they'll be serving pork, ribs, ham, brisket, chicken, mutton, or turkey with richness and flavor. They cook all of their meat using hickory wood.

"On occasion, you may even have the opportunity to see the Pit Master check the meat to ensure it is nice & tender. Some say this lost art of smoking is too time-consuming, but we have found that it's the only way to get that perfect smoke flavor."

It's even better with their homemade barbecue sauce. Don't overlook the variety of sides offered. Fans love the cole slaw, potato salad, and baked beans. The beans are the talk of the town!

Ellen Bunch Crafton
Best BBQ and beans in the world.


Thomason's Barbecue in Henderson
Thomason's Barbecue in Henderson


You know you're doing something right when visitors come from all over the country. Serving up the most mouthwatering barbecue helps. In the last four months, customers came from 25 states to sample the food. Some were repeat customers and some stopped by for the first time.

"We couldn’t be more thrilled that our BBQ is enjoyed by so many not only locally but across the country.", they shared on social media


Thomason's Barbecue in Henderson, Kentucky

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