I'm the type of guy who can spend hours in a bookstore and never buy a thing. I've always appreciated the national chains (the ones that still exist) that let you grab a book off a shelf and read in one of their comfy chairs. Barnes & Noble is one of those, off the top of my head. Borders and Books-a-Million used to do that, too. Oh how I miss them.

The larger used bookstores, which seem to be rapidly growing in number, don't offer those same amenities, but they make up for it in many other ways. I've long praised, for example, McKay's in West Nashville. It's about as big as an airplane hangar and loaded with hidden treasures--those hard-to-find old books, records, and DVDS--you might have a hard time finding anywhere else. And when you see the crowds, you'll realize that not EVERYONE is a slave to digital technology. Take a look at this place:

If you love bookstores, you have to put McKay's on your bucket list just as I have now put Glover's Bookery on mine. Considered the largest bookstore in Kentucky, Glover's in Lexington is a treasure trove of used and rare books. There are more than 80,000 mostly hardback books available to choose from, as well as old maps and tribal art. I cannot believe I've only just learned of this place.

But that is a FRACTION of what you'll find at Glover's. In fact, the list of categories is three pages long.

I know Lexington offers any number of ways to make your time spent there enjoyable. There's so much to see and do. But if you love bookstores as much as I do, your friends could lose you for an entire day at Glover's Bookery.

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