The one and only time I wore a hip pack aka fanny pack was one of the last times I went to Opryland. It was a sport-style one, shocker! It got completely soaked when I stood at the observation deck for the Old Mill Scream. That day, I swore off the fanny pack. In 2018, they're making a comeback. What's wrong with this picture?

As you can see in the featured image, fashion designers have latched on to the idea and honestly, some of the new fanny packs look pretty cool.

Then this happened...

What is going on here?!? Can I see the functional aspect? Of course, but won't these be heavy on your feet? Yes, we all do a lot of standing around in the summer, but how can one walk around at maybe a water park and expect to keep everything intact and more importantly, dry?

I have so many more questions, but what about you? Would you first buy these, then would you wear them?

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