Most young men only dream of gaining a High School State Title in a sport or becoming a professional athlete in life, Tyrone Scott achieved both of these and more in his athletic career.


Originally from Greencastle, Indiana, Tyrone began running track in 3rd grade before abuse forced him to move to California.  This only fueled his fire for running and he continued to excel earning a full ride to the University of Texas.  His senior year in college he signed a contract to be a professional athlete for Nike things were awesome!

After he retired, Tyrone began his career in law enforcement with the Indianapolis State Police where life seemed perfect until his wife left him.

This is where his downward spiral began.  He turned to drugs which eventually lead to him losing everything including his job.  He was homeless for 3 years living under a bridge.  He was at that point in life where nothing seemed worth living so he decided he was going to take his own life.  As he lay under a train on the tracks waiting for it to run him over a local outreach pastor walked by and and pulled him out.

That day changed the direction of Tyrone's life.  He got him in church and he met a woman by the name of Susan Culver (formerly of Owensboro) who told him of a place called Friends of Sinners.

He would like to say the rest is History but God is still writing "HIS" story!  Tyrone is now working and growing daily.   Friends of Sinners is making their Year-End Gift Campaign about his success.  His story is one of many amazing ones right here in Owensboro.

I personally get to see Tyrone in action quite often.  My son, Tucker, spends a good amount of time with the men of Friends of Sinners and Tyrone is always so good to him.  He has even told us that Tucker may be a track star one day.

We are so grateful for Tyrone's life and his determination on the road to recovery!

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