Massachusetts, Georgia, New York, Ohio, ONTARIO (!), Florida, Delaware, Oregon, and, yes, Kentucky. Oh, and one more. MY OWN PHONE NUMBER!

All are robocalls. And that one from New York is very persistent. Whoever that is still gets through and doesn't leave a message. And, yes, I've blocked all those numbers (except mine), but that apparently no longer matters.

I hope whatever the Federal Communications Commission is doing will put a stop to these annoyances. AND to caller ID spoofing.

That's actually the target, but if I could stop getting calls from WheretheHeckISThat, Montana, that would be nice, too.

Spoofing is where your phone indicates your getting a call from a number that LOOKS like it could be someone right here in Owensboro, or from wherever you may hale.

I'm guessing that when I got a phone call from MY own number, the perpetrator made a huge mistake.

Anyway, the FCC is cracking down AND has a list of tips to avoid getting "spoof" calls. One big one that jumped off the screen at me is that if we get calls and the bot on the other end asks us to press a certain button to stop getting these calls, we SHOULD NOT press that button. Just hang up.

This sort of thing is making me weary, so I think I'll make a copy of this list of tips and somehow tattoo it on my cerebrum AND the back of my eyelids.

Whatever it takes, right?


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