It is going to be an absolutely beautiful, incredible 4th of July holiday weekend.  There are fireworks celebrations around the tristate this weekend, including Diamond Lake's annual fireworks show Saturday night.  By the way, organizers say this year's show could be THE biggest in Daviess County.

Then, Sunday night, the City of Owensboro's hosting its annual All-American 4th of July Celebration, which will feature fireworks launching from four different sites in town- the Ohio River, Centre Court/Shifley Park, Owensboro Sportscenter/Moreland Park and the former GE Plant.  That show will launch at 9:15pm.  And, fun fact!  The WBKR app will be airing the exclusive soundtrack to the show.  As you watch the fireworks, we'll be streaming the soundtrack for you.  If you have the app, you're all set.  If you don't, download it now!

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However, if you're looking to catch fireworks tonight, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church has just what Yankee Doodle ordered.  They're hosting a huge Family & Fireworks Night this evening.

Former WBKR midday personality Jaclyn Graves attends Pleasant Grove and shared the scoop on social media!

As you can see, the event is completely FREE of charge and gets underway at 7:30pm.  There will be free hamburger and hot dog meals, inflatables and more.

Plus, there will be music, a dance party for the kids and, as with every 4th of July party, there will be fireworks!  The fireworks will hit the sky at dusk (around 9pm).

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is located at 5664 Hwy 56 in Owensboro.

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