Openings of major chains that have been your area before are pretty big deals. Over the Christmas holiday, we visited Bowling Green and I noticed something that reminded me of just such an event.

In a strip mall on the city's Scottsville Road, you will find a Subway. That subway has been there since it opened when I was in college back in the 80s. And it was a BIG deal. We all piled into a couple of vehicles to go experience this unique submarine sandwich shop for the first time. It was packed, and it remained packed whenever the doors were open back in the day.

The First Kentucky Publix Store Opens This Week

And I'm sure folks drove from far and wide to get a sandwich, just as I'm sure folks will go a little out of their way--if not a LOT--when Publix Supermarket opens for the first time in Kentucky.

I'm guessing traffic will be very hectic at or near 2500 Terra Crossing Boulevard, where Publix will be located. Honestly, since it will be situated right off Interstate 265, the traffic was probably ALREADY hectic, so plan accordingly.

There Are More Publix Stores Coming to Kentucky

And after you successfully navigate what I'm certain will become an even busier section of Louisville, remember what you did, because Publix isn't done with Louisville and the Commonwealth. Those who decide where to place there stores know Kentucky loves it when a popular chain arrives for the first time, and they may have played a role in the Bluegrass State being earmarked for even more Publix locations.

I say the more the merrier when it comes to major chains eyeballing Kentucky, but there's obviously far more to the selection process than "we love grocery stores; come to Kentucky."

How Louisville KY Was Chosen as a Publix Location

First of all, Publix is a southeastern chain with its northernmost locations in Kentucky and Virginia and its southernmost stores located in Florida where it began (in Lakeland). Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas are the other places where Publix has set up shop. But why were the cities in those states chosen for placement? Well, that's part of the Publix real estate strategy:

Within our geographic footprint there are nine regions, each managed by a team including a Real Estate Manager and Real Estate Specialist. These teams are responsible for deploying the strategy for their respective regions. This is accomplished through a distinct combination of prototype, occupancy type, and development type. One of our competitive advantages is our ability to fit into the community in which we locate with the proper scale, prototype, and development type to meet our customers' needs.

For me, that translates to "We're going to kick serious butt in Kentucky, so let's do it." In all seriousness, I fully believe Publix WILL kick serious butt in Kentucky, and just as I can make the plan, MY butt is going to Louisville and shop at Publix.

[SOURCE: WDRB-Louisville]

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