Want to think out of the box for someone this year? Maybe you know someone from here who's moved away and would love something from Kentucky?

Well, how about these gift ideas...that are SHAPED like Kentucky?

1. Vertical Succulent Planter

Who's the green thumb from the Bluegrass State on YOUR Christmas list?

AlleyCatDesignSt via Etsy

2. Kentucky Spoon Rest

Who's the Kentucky cook on your Christmas list that needs to rest his or her spoon?

Distinctively Kentucky/Fleur de Lis Gifts via Kentucky Made and More

3. Kentucky-Shaped Bottle Opener Keychain

Who's the Kentuckian on your Christmas list that prefers his or her beverages from a bottle?

MidwestOpenerCo via Etsy

4. Kentucky-Shaped Goodie Basket

Who's the Kentuckian on your list who needs sauce, seasonings, dill pickles, cornbread, and pie?

A Taste of Kentucky via atasteofkentucky.com

5. Totally Bamboo Kentucky State Destination Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

Who's the Kentuckian on your list who just needs to cut something and is tired of messing up the counter tops?

Totally Bamboo via Amazon

Will these work?

Merry Christmas to all...even if you're not from Kentucky.