Friends of Sinners

A National Day Of Giving
This day kicks off the charitable season when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. All non-profit organizations are truly in need this year more than ever as the pandemic has put a halt to almost any type of fundraising these organizations depend on for their yearly budget.
Online Recovery Meetings During Covid-19
The recovery community is a group of people in need of still being able to connect to meetings and individuals who are like-minded. We found universal online meetings available at many different times during the day and week.
Angel's Husband Celebrates 10 Years of Sobriety
Angel here and my husband, Joe, is in long term recovery from drug addiction. Yesterday marked his 10-year sobriety date and I could not be more proud to be his wife and walk hand in hand on the journey in life as he celebrates this incredible milestone.
A National Day Of Giving
Giving Tuesday is a day of giving to non-profit organizations or those in need recognized all over the world following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Julius Breaks World Record
Owensboro's Julius Maddox did it! He ventured off the Mountain Valley, CA and set his sights on the World Record in Raw Bench Press and he BROKE IT-->
Off To Set A World Record
Owensboro's Julius Maddox is currently ranked #1 in the world for raw bench press. This weekend he will attempt to break the world record at Boss of Bosses in Mountain View, CA.

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