Who remembers the fruit-flavored sparkly Clearly Canadian drinks that rolled onto the scene in the 90s?  These things were iconic and suddenly disappeared.  Well, WE FOUND THEM!

Angel here and one of my absolute favorite treats at the convenience store when I was a kid was a Clearly Canadian.  I would walk in with my friends and make a B-line for the store cooler.  The sound of the bottles as they clanked together when you picked and pulled the perfect flavor is still so vivid in my mind.

My favorite was probably the Orchard Peach followed by a close second of the Mountain Blackberry.  I always felt so ritzy when I drank it.  Like I was suddenly royalty or something.

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So here's why the brand took a sabbatical from production:

Apparently, the company was mismanaged and had to shut down production.  It was then sold off and another group bought it and decided to do a crowdfunding campaign where people preordered to source production of new cases of other drinks.

This happened in 2015 but the bottles didn't actually show up on shelves until a few years later.  It has been a crazy process that has had fans on pins and needles waiting for a thirst-quenching sip of fruity heaven.

I had actually forgotten all about them until I walked into the Wesleyan Park Plaza Kroger to grab a few things yesterday and shining from a shelf were those beautiful bottles.  I shrieked and scared another person in the aisle with me, grab two, and headed for the checkout feeling excited.

They were priced at like $2 and change.  I searched Amazon and these suckers are not cheap.  A two-pack is priced at $22.  If you have been craving one I'd head on over to the Kroger and scoop one up fast.

I can't wait to pop mine in the freezer on the top shelf for about 20 minutes and then sit back and enjoy.  It's the little things in life really!

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