Angel here!  This week's bargain is a bit different than usual.  Most weeks I share sales or stores to shop.  Today I am telling you about the free sites on Facebook in your counties.

I learned about these sites by accident.  You can go to the search engine of Facebook and type in "Free Stuff in Owensboro" or whatever county you live in and a lot of place have a site specifically for them.

It is used to post ISO (In Search Of ) item requests or to post free items you don't want anymore.  I have seen furniture, household items, clothing, baby diapers, and other things.

Of course proceed with caution.  You want to make sure you take someone with you if you go to a house.  Always check furniture before you bring it home.  And launder any clothing items given to you.

The places I have noticed have FREE STUFF facebook pages are Owensboro, Ohio County, Henderson, Evansville, Greenville, Muhlenberg.  If your county has a site please post it below.

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