Who's ready for an eerie trip to Camp Crystal Lake?  Well, you're about to be able to take one.  Fathom Events has announced a huge celebration to mark the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic horror films of all-time.  And, yes!  This may make you feel really old, Camper, but Friday the 13th is 40.

The original Friday the 13th was released on May 9th, 1980.  I never saw the original in theatres, but I did see Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning at the Holiday Drive-In and I saw Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood at the Malco.  I don't remember much about Part V, but I do remember Part VII.  That's the one where a camper had psychokinetic powers.  LOL!  It was so bad, but so fun!

According to Fathom Events, the ORIGINAL "terrifying film that started it all" has been restored and remastered and will return to theatres across the country Sunday, October 4th, Tuesday, October 6th and Wednesday, October 7th.

And, yes!  That's Kevin Bacon.  He's only one degree separated from a hockey-masked mass murderer.

In case you don't remember the trailer for the very first film, I found it on YouTube for you.

There are several theatres within driving distance that plan to celebrate the 40th anniversary with special showings of the movie.

The closest location to Owensboro is the AMC Evansville 16 on Pearl Drive.  Regal Bowling Green Stadium 12 (323 Great Escape Drive) is showing it too as is Regal Clarksville Stadium 16 at 1810 Tiny Town Road in Clarksville, Tennessee.

To get your tickets to return to Camp Crystal Lake, CLICK HERE!

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