Monday, the National Weather Service had gathered enough information to make a severe weather prediction for Friday night.

Well, just like the weather, that forecast has changed and gone is that severe weather prediction.

In fact, it looks like the rain and thunderstorms predicted for Friday night will be arriving in the very early morning hours Saturday.

I was speaking with Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart and I asked him about that severe weather threat that made a brief cameo yesterday and he said that with the rain now expected Saturday morning, the threat had subsided considerably.

We're still looking at a warm Friday according to the seven-day outlook at, but with the passage of the front coming later than expected, the Owensboro Christmas parade, while still probably chilly, shouldn't be as cold as we originally thought.

Hey, we've had parades with temperatures in the 20s. Temps in the 40s are TOTALLY doable.

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