It's National Road Trip Day and here's a really fun and unique way to celebrate. All credit for this idea goes to a radio listener from the Louisville, Kentucky area.  His nickname is 'Batman.'  He recently responded to a morning show poll that asked people to share their favorite road trip destinations. Well, Batman called in with a brilliant and adventurous suggestion.  It's called The Penny Date.


This concept is simple really. You just have to accept the fact that you will likely have no idea where you're going to end up, but that's the fun and unpredictable part. You literally get a penny, take it to the car with you, get in, buckle up and let your adventure begin. The penny will ultimately determine which turns you make along the way and what your final destination will be.

Step #1

After making sure you have a penny with you, get in the vehicle and tell your partner to choose a number between one and ten.  That's the number of times you will flip the penny along the route.

**If you're feeling really adventurous and you've filled up the tank, you could even choose a higher number. Of course, you could end up in a neighboring state. So, proceed at your own risk.

Step #2

Head on out from your destination and get to a state highway or something equivalent For example, if you're in Owensboro, Kentucky, that could be the bypass that circles the city.  If you're in Louisville, that could be the Watterson Expressway, the Gene Snyder, I-64 or I-65.  When you get to the first exit, pull off onto the exit ramp and get ready for the fun to begin.

Step #3

Now, flip the penny!

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If it lands on heads, you turn left.  If it lands on tails, you'll turn right.  Then, you will proceed until you reach the next major intersection (another state highway or interstate).  Once you get to that next intersection, you flip the penny again to determine the direction of your next turn!

Step #4

Repeat this process over and over until you've made the number of turns equivalent to the number (between one and ten) your partner initially chose before you left the house. Wherever you eventually land will be the place you're going to spend the day having your date!

Batman says the "Penny Date" works like a charm because you literally never know where you're going to end up.  He says he and his wife have done this multiple times and it's always an adventure. "We've been a little bit of everywhere.  We've ended up in Tennessee, all the way into the mountains, Indianapolis, Cincinnati."


There's only one real word of caution.  Batman says, "If you ain't careful, you'll go in circles."  However, he added, "If you've never done it, try it.  You'll love it."

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