Garth Brooks has something under his cowboy hat and up his sleeve regarding new music in 2014. Exactly what he is planning remains a bit of a mystery, intentionally so. He did say that something he may do between now and fall 2014 is the biggest thing he's ever attempted!

New music from the country star remains a bit of an iffy situation. One of the obstacles is the fact that he won't budge on his position regarding iTunes. The digital service sells individual songs, while Brooks wants his albums sold as is, not in piecemeal fashion.

Since both sides are at a gentlemanly standoff, the fate of Brooks' future music remains up in the air, for a multitude of reasons, with digital distribution being a key factor and something he wants to settle.

Brooks called new material from a "forthcoming era." He didn't say much else, other than to comment on his concerns over how to get music to people on a digital level.

He further explained, "Right now there are a lot of hurdles to climb, one of which is digital. We don’t have a digital partner right now. I’ll never have a digital partner in iTunes as long as they keep the same rules they have now. I respect them; they’re friends of mine. They show me respect. They make me believe they’re friends of mine. But if they’re not going to change their ways, I’m not going to change mine. We have to figure out how we get new music to the people."

That's the conundrum. Hopefully they can figure it out.

But that's not all. About this big thing he wants to attempt? It's shrouded in mystery.

A tour is planned for next fall, with the possibility of a new project happening before then. Brooks set the table, suggesting this other thing could be huge.

"There is something that could be happening between now and the tour that might be the biggest thing I've ever tried to take on," he hinted. "I'm excited. If it comes to fruition, and it looks like it's going to, it will be the biggest thing I've ever tried to attempt. I'm really excited about it. It'll be done right, it'll be done quality. I’m in love with the idea and we just have to see if it's going to happen. We'll know within the next four weeks or so."

We'll be waiting with bated breath to find out more about this biggest thing he's ever attempted. It's thrilling to wait and wonder.

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