My very favorite restaurants in the world are hometown hole-in-the-wall joints that have the most delicious food ever.  Gaslight Pizza & Grill fits the bill to a tee.  Their food is better than any I have tasted for miles in the Tristate.

If you blink you might miss the place.  Not the pizza place but all of Huntingburg, Indiana.  It's my kind of town honestly.  Angel here!  Joe and I took a road trip to Huntingburg at the beginning of July because I had a gift certificate to Gaslight.  Some listener friends of ours the Stetter's sent us one and we have been wanting to go.

The place has been serving up pizza for over four decades and now they offer a variety of other tummy pleasing meals.  You know how it works usually you go to one of these places and they have one dish that is awesome.  Not at Gaslight.  Joe and I got several different things and each one was just as good or better than the next.  The sounds that were coming from our table (lets just say thankfully we were socially distanced).

I spoke to the staff who told me the brick oven they use is the original oven and over 40 years old.  They said it's what makes the crust on the pizza and the light and airy crunch on the bread sticks so perfect.  They don't just have pizza and pasta.  They also have sandwiches and they day we were there had fried chicken.

The restaurant itself has a bit of history behind it.  It used to be the old Victory Theatre.  So it has a cool theatrical vibe and they have decorated it with all sorts of Marvel Comics, Movie Pictures, and more.  They recently renovated the whole place and plan on using the old stage for bands and performances once they can fully open back up.

Not to mention they have a complete bar that is stocked to the max.  It really is a place that has something for the whole family.


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