When you're home to the world's longest pedestrian suspension, you make great use of it every chance you get.

For one thing, on any normal day, it's open for foot traffic and provides amazing views of Gatlinburg.

Then, when a holiday comes, you decorate the heck out of it.

Remember the enormous flag that was draped from the bridge for Veterans Day?

Well, now, the Gatlinburg Skybridge is lit up like...well...a Christmas tree.

Except that is a Christmas BRIDGE...and what an extraordinary attraction it has become for the holiday season.

By the way--and this should come as no surprise--the entire TOWN is festive and ready for Christmas.

Check it out:

I know friends who are planning Christmas getaways to Gatlinburg and I've told them I want pictures. Lots of pictures.

Shoot, I guess I should just go there and take them myself.

I (and you and everyone else) have until January 31st, 2020.

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