Not sure how to dispose of those hazardous materials in your garage? The Daviess County 'Tox-Away Day' program can help and it's right around the corner. This is what CAN and CAN'T be disposed of during the event.

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Fall clean-up is set to be conducted in Daviess County. It's a great time to clean out the cabinets and get rid of some unwanted items from around your house. A way to dispose of those items safely is with this FREE event offered to residents by Daviess County Fiscal Court and the City of Owensboro.

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Daviess County 'Tox-Away Day' for Household Hazardous Waste

Save the date because residents in Daviess County can dispose of household hazardous waste materials found around your home on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 between 8 AM and Noon. You can drop off those unwanted "approved" items at the Daviess County Operations Center on Hwy. 81 in Owensboro.

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Accepted Items

Lighter Fluid – Thinners – Turpentine – Adhesives – Old Gasoline – Polishes – Kerosene – 2 Cycle Gasoline – Propane – Used Motor Oil – Lead Acid Batteries – Oil-Based Paints – Aerosols – Cyanides – Acids & Caustics – Drain Cleaners – Bleach – Household Cleaners – Rat Poisons – Fluorescent Bulbs – Pesticides – Insecticides – Fertilizers – Lawn Chemicals – Antifreeze – Fire Extinguishers – Ni-Cad Batteries – Lithium Batteries – Alkaline Batteries – Smoke Detectors – Pool Chemicals – Strong Chemicals – Asbestos – Pharmaceuticals – Oxygen Cylinders – CO2 Cylinders – Freon Cylinders – Helium Cylinders – PCB Materials – Aluminum Paint – Reactives – Flammable Solids – Animal Repellant

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NOT Accepted Items

Appliances – Ammunition – Computers – Medical Waste – Tires – Solid Waste (Trash) – Air Conditioners – Refrigerators – Acetylene Cylinders – De-Humidifiers – Any Cylinders Not Listed – Unmarked Cylinders – Cylinders with Broken or Inoperable Valves – Business Waste – Latex Paint

For questions, you can contact the Solid Waste Department at 270-229-4484.

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