Have you ever seen the movie Food of the Gods from the 1970s? It's an old sci-fi thriller about a mysterious type of "food" that comes up from the ground and, when consumed, turns the animals that eat it into giants.

Every time I see a creature that appears to be way bigger than I think it should be, I think of that movie.

Well, I'm thinking of that movie now after hearing about, then actually seeing, a dead crayfish that was discovered in the filtration system of Bowling Green Municipal Utilities water intake plant.

WNKY-Bowling Green says that Western Kentucky University biology professor Dr. Steve Huskey has taken custody of the enormous 10-inch-long crayfish and, in fact, thought they were bringing him a lobster when he saw it.


Is that a beast, or what?

Western will hang on to the crayfish until the end of the current semester and then will ship it off to the Natural History Survey in Illinois for research.