It's time to bag your leaves or rake them to the curb. The City of Owensboro is going to leaf you smiling, by offering FREE curbside collection. For those of you who wish to participate, here's everything that you need to know.

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I love it when the leaves change to hues of orange, red and gold. They are so beautiful when at their peak. ON the trees! Not so much on the ground. All of the raking, mowing, bagging....repeat. It seems as though it never ends when fall arrives. Just yesterday, my husband complained about all of the leaves that have fallen in our yard already. It makes him grumpy, but at leafs he has some help!

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Fall leaf collection has officially started along Owensboro city streets and runs through February 12th, 2021. Yesterday, I received the notification with my latest OMU bill as a reminder. You probably received your notice as well, but if not, we've got the leaf collection rules that you'll need to know.

During leaf season, Owensboro Sanitation crews will complete three passes throughout the city, beginning in zone 8. You can find out where your leaf zone resides by accessing this interactive map.

Here's everything else that you need to know:

City of Owensboro via Facebook
City of Owensboro via Facebook

Thank you to the Owensboro Sanitation Department for taking care of us and our leaves every year. You all rock!

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