I grew up in the 80's and 90's.  In my opinion, some of the best television shows were made during this time.  A few of my favorites include Full House, Empty Nest, Family Matters, and Blossom.  But one show tops my list by a mile!The Golden Girls is my all time favorite show in the history of shows.  My momma and I used to watch this show faithfully.  As I got older we still watched the show together and when she would come to visit after I had moved out we would put our pajamas on, cuddle on the couch, and watch until we fell asleep!  I sure miss her but every single time I watch I feel like she is right there with me and I catch myself laughing just like her!  Now my boys watch it with me!

I own almost every single DVD.  I am currently searching for seasons 5 and 6.  I discovered this past summer that I can binge watch this show every Sunday on TV Land on Dish television.  So I get up early before church and pop on the TV.

It sure takes me back!  Most of the cast of the Golden Girls have passed all except "Rose" Betty White, 94, who has had a number of other roles since the show stopped airing in the early 90's.

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