Donut Bank's owners have released a statement about their decision to discontinue their decorated cakes.

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Cake Gate 2023

If you're from the Tri-State area and have been on Facebook over the last couple of days, there's a good chance you have seen people posting about Donut Bank.  The reason for all of the Donut Bank posts is that they made quite a big announcement. They announced on April 6th that they will no longer be selling their decorated cakes after April 24th.   As with everything, this announcement has come with a LOT of opinions on social media. Who knew cake could cause such a stink?

Photo by Lan Gao on Unsplash
Photo by Lan Gao on Unsplash

Good News! You Can STILL Enjoy Donut Bank Cakes

After all of the social media uproar over the decision to no longer serve decorated cakes, Donut Bank owners have made a statement, and it comes with good news! You can still enjoy Donut Bank cake, as they will still be making their cake squares and cupcakes, they will just no longer be making customized cakes.

Google Maps/canva
Google Maps/canva

Donut Bank's owners took to Facebook to share the news that they will continue to make cake squares and cupcakes:

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a cake from us over the years, and for your continued patronage. We will never take it for granted! To those of you we may have let down by this decision, we are very sorry.
In 1967 when the first Donut Bank opened we were first and foremost a donut and coffee shop. Fast forward to 1990 when we began baking cakes and we had 4 locations. Today, because of the wonderful support of our customers and community, we have 10 Donut Bank locations. We would have loved to continue our entire cake program, but as we have grown taking and delivering cake orders at 10 locations while striving to keep product quality and customer service at it’s highest level became a challenging situation.
Although we will not be making decorated cakes, we WILL continue to make cake squares and cupcakes, which are baked fresh daily and topped with our made from scratch icing. We are excited to offer more cupcake options of flavors, fillings, icings and designs. We will also have new Super Sized long johns and glazed donuts available for parties and events, as well as our fondant iced butter cookies which customers can order custom designed.
We look forward to having new flavors of donuts for everyone to try. We will continue to strive to serve you the freshest donuts, our exclusive yeast donuts take 4 hours for us to make a single batch and that process will not change.
We meant it when we said we were truly privileged to be part of your special events these past 33 years. So, from our family to yours, Thank you!
The Kempf Family

Donut Bank is well known in the Tri-State area as they have been around for more than 50 years and have 10 locations around the area. Besides their famous donuts, Donut Bank also serves up bagels, cookies, pastries, muffins, brownies, coffee, and more.

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