If you are anything like me, coffee is what keeps you going when life is crazy busy. Getting a pick-me-up drink is sometimes all I need to perk up early in the morning or even in an afternoon slump. I don't have to have anything special, but sometimes I do love a fancy schmancy flavor combo.  I decided to celebrate National Coffee Day by compiling a list of the best coffee shops in Indiana. Most of these I have never been to, but they are now officially on my radar for future travels. Here they are according to handy dandy Trip Advisor.

#10 Lafayette- Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co.

Their slogan is "We care about coffee because we care about you," and I think that says it all. Anything made with love is going to be more delicious.

#9- Noblesville- The Well

The Well is a coffee house focused on sustainability and raising money to help provide clean water to parts of the world that do not have it. Enjoy a cup of joe for a good cause!

#8- Hammond- Grindhouse Cafe

This place looks SO COOL. With a punk vibe and interesting drink combinations, lavender tea and Dr. Pepper reduction latte anyone? Grindhouse Cafe is also a venue for rock shows.

#7- Bloomington- The Inkwell

Bloomington is such a cool college town. My college friends and I used to bop over on occasion and always had the best time trying new restaurants and finding cool shops. The Inkwell seems like a fun place to grab a good drink and chill.

#6- Carmel- Cafe Patachou

What fun vibes this place has! It has been referred to as a "student union for adults" but I love a spot that is also kid and puppy-friendly. With gorgeous outdoor seating and a yummy food menu, they also have a foundation that raises money for local schools and kids fighting food insecurity.

#5- South Bend- Starbucks at Double Tree South Bend

You can never go wrong with a good ole Starbucks!

#4- Fishers- The Well

We meet again! I guess this place must be really fantastic! I do love the fact that patrons can have a hand in helping people all over the world gain access to clean drinking water. It's something we all take for granted, but is a huge struggle in the lives of people in places like Ethiopia, Honduras, Uganda, and more.

#3- Evansville- Donut Bank Bakery & Coffee

Now here is one I recognize! And know. And love. Very much. The coffee is great and the donuts are some of the best I have ever had. They also have smoothies, sugar cookies, refreshers and always smiling faces to help you have a good day.  If you know, you know!

#2- Fort Wayne- Fortezza Coffee

I know this list is supposed to focus on the coffee, and Fortezza has an excellent selection, but look at these pastries! Holy cow they are making me hungry. A beautiful space, this shop has even taken home the top spot for the best coffee in Indiana before.

#1- Indianapolis- Blue Collar Coffee Co.

Two words. Maple. Latte. Located in the Bottleworks Hotel, this cozy atmosphere welcomes folks traveling to the area with hospitality as warm as the lattes. Their website says they want you to feel at home.

Are you a coffee-loving Hoosier? Be sure to check out some of these places and let me know who you would add to the list! I know there are a couple in Evansville I would add! River City Coffee + Goods or Honey Moon for sure.


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