When we got to planning my niece's birthday party a couple of months ago, I asked a friend if she would make a cake and she happily obliged. It was delicious, but was it legal? This story shocked me.

The controversy over selling homemade baked goods in Kentucky stems from this law, HB 391. In short, if any of the main ingredients in the cake, cookies, etc. are not produced or farmed by the seller, the State Health Department says that a home baking business must have a permit, a separate kitchen from the residential one, and multiple sinks. I would also think multiple refrigerators.

Here's more on the story from WPSD Local 6 out of Paducah.

As long as your work space, be it an extra room, basement, garage or somewhere off site, and meets the health department's requirements, you can keep baking away.

Learn more about the Kentucky Home Bakers' fight HERE.

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