Move over, Christmas! For me, Thanksgiving is truly the "most wonderful time of the year." I, like other folks I know, am in love with all the delicious food and casseroles that are brought to the table over the Thanksgiving holiday. I absolutely LOVE pumpkin pie and I will cut somebody for a heaping helping of sweet potato casserole.

Some Thanksgiving foods though aren't quite as beloved. In fact, their deliciousness and importance are frequently debated. For instance, cranberry sauce comes to mind. And then there's the acquired taste that is a green bean casserole. This version, thanks to French's, is what most likely comes to mind when you think about it.

It seems people either love green bean casserole or vote it off the Thanksgiving island like it's a contestant on Survivor. My friend Shelby Rhoades definitely falls into the former category. She loves it.

I was scrolling through Facebook a couple of days ago and noticed this post from Shelby.

I actually like green bean casserole too. In fact, a few years back, I served one to the family for Christmas. It was a Pioneer Woman recipe that was ON. FREAKING. POINT! From personal, mouth-watering and plate-cleaning experience, Ree's Green Bean Casserole is AWESOME!

Shelby has a recipe that she loves too.  Here's one she found that she has started to make for her and her family.  And, yes!  As you can see, Shelby's so obsessed with this particular green bean casserole, it's stored in the Notes on her cellphone!

Shelby Rhoads
Shelby Rhoads

Here's Shelby's love of said casserole in her own words.

So where do you fall in the great debate?


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