I know everyone is mainly obsessed with Grippo's BBQ Potato Chips with that glorious sweet and spicy seasoning, but they have a snack that blows those taters out of the water. I could write a love song to Grippo's cheese nibs that's how much I adore them.
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Pay Less Supermarket
"Grippo's cheese nibs, I love you so! Grippo's cheese nibs, where did you go? I miss you each and every day. Oh, won't you PLEASE come back my way!"
I swear those delicious spicy cheesy puffs helped me make it through the COVID shutdown. That may be a little dramatic, but I know I'm not the only one who was devastated when the company had to stop making them in December of last year. I remember reading something about supply chain issues with their manufacturer.
Fans of this beloved snack have been very persistent on Grippo's social media pages. If you look on Facebook, every post whether Cheese Nib related or not has a comment saying something like "Please, we are begging you to bring back the nibs!" A dedicated group has taken their devotion a step further by creating a petition to bring them back on Change.org. Their numbers are small but mighty at only 26 signatures, but if I had known it existed, they would have gotten a 27th.
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As fate would have it, a petition wasn't necessary and we can all rejoice with the excellent news posted yesterday. A friend of mine actually saw this announcement first before immediately tagging me. He remembered how much I loved Grippo's cheese nibs and wanted to make sure I knew!
Grippo fans! This time of year, everyone loves a great present. We think our gift to you is best one you could receive this year.
"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."
Our beloved BBQ Cheese Nibs are back!
We will open our doors at 6750 Colerain Avenue Wednesday morning promptly at 9am for in person sales (cash only please). We will sell the BBQ cheese nibs by the bag for a limited time. You are also welcome to purchase a case! In addition, Santa's elves will be busy delivering to stores beginning Wednesday morning. Also, on Wednesday morning, Santa's workshop will begin fulfilling online orders (for shipment only, no pickups). This item will be posted on our website tomorrow morning.

It's a Christmas miracle!

Well, me being me, I decided to call the Kroger in Wesleyan Park Plaza here in Owensboro in all my awkwardness to explain the situation. I wanted to see whether they had any idea yet if they'd be stocking my glorious nibs again. Unfortunately, they won't know for sure until the vendor makes their next delivery.

You best believe I will be placing an order online this morning and will be checking end caps soon to see if they've returned to their usual spot. If you ask me, they need a grand welcome with a red carpet and a lighted display. If you see them, buy a bag and either enjoy them in my honor or ship them to me pretty please!

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