It is time, once again, to date myself. And this time I'm going to do it with Cheetos--a left-field choice, to be sure.

"Quick-fried for a crackly crunch; baked for a delicate crunch."

That is what I thought was an old Cheetos slogan a very long time ago, but it really wasn't. So I give credit to the writers and producers of THIS commercial for getting what was merely dialogue stuck in my head:

Clearly, the grainy look of this commercial (not to mention the fact that it actually SAYS 1971) does enough to suggest it is very old. But how often, in recent years, have you heard ANY food product brag about being FRIED. Am I right?

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So yes, long before Chester Cheetah (we got THAT iconic mascot in 1986), we had the mouse on the scaffold selling us Cheetos and that's the one I remember. But since I don't really LIKE Cheetos, I guess I can't be too surprised.

That's right, I don't care for the popular Frito Lay product that's been around for more than 70 years. And I'm gathering I'm not alone.

In our break room at the WBKR studios, we have a closet where we store snacks. And in that closet, we have three of those big bags of Frito Lay snacks you see everywhere.

As you can guess, Cheetos are the LEAST favorite of all the varieties in those bags.

I opened that closet the other day to get a bag of chips to go with lunch and just started laughing. Talk about an image that speaks volumes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't think we need that many to figure out this little mystery, do we?

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