If you're somebody who doesn't like decorating the whole Christmas Tree you're prayers have been answered.  We'd like to introduce you to the Flatback Tree.

Let's be honest unless you have a gigantic foyer with a cascading light that spotlights your tree you're probably just like the rest of us and sliding it into a corner hoping no one inspects it.  Or if you are like Chad and have it sitting in a front window where guests could see the back.

Angel here and I absolutely love decorating but I have thought a million times I wish I could just make the front totally fluffy and pretty and leave the rest.  I'm not a Scrooge it's just not fair to waste pretty ornaments on the back of the tree where they won't be seen.

So if you want to save a little time decorating the tree this year the half or corner tree is a fantastic option.  And if you're a glass half full kind of person it just gives you more time to make Christmas goodies or lay around in your PJs snuggled up with the family.

There are several options from half, wall, and even corner trees.


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