This popped up this week on my Facebook page. It seems that people in some areas are putting a few pennies in a baggie of water and hanging it outside their home. This reminded me of an article I wrote a couple of months ago about southerners painting their porches and doors blue. Both practices sound a bit weird. The coins in a bag of water looks like this:


Bill Love Photo
Bill Love Photo

Strangely, the blue doors and the bag of coin-flavored water serves the same purpose-- to get rid of bugs. There are a lot of such pesky insects in the Southern states, especially flies. Have you ever taken a close look at one of the little buggers?

House-Flies Bred For Medicinal Purposes
Getty Images

They are mostly head.  William Shatner big head. And their heads are mostly eyes. So when the suns reflection hits the sparkling baggie of water and magnifies the coins, the insects become confused and fly somewhere else a little more welcoming.  Thank goodness for dumb flies.

Hang a bag over your picnic table to keep them away too.

It makes you wonder how we ever got along without plastic baggies.

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