The Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was recently featured on the popular social media site, The Dodo for a beautiful reason. In the Ohio River at English Park, a beautiful Blue Heron got tangled in some fishing line. Watch the amazing rescue here.

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

I saw this amazing rescue when we were coming home from Panama City Beach this week. If you don't follow The Dodo on social media, you should! They have some of the most inspirational content, especially for animal lovers like me. Their content fills me with joy and makes me laugh, cry and feel inspired. This rescued hit all of the feels at one time!

We love the Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Philpot, Kentucky. This non-profit rescue goes above and beyond to protect those who need it the most. I had no idea that Blue Heron's are spotted in Owensboro quite often. I've never seen one in all the years of living here. They are beautiful and magnificent birds.

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When the team at Nurture to Nature were called to the Ohio River in Owensboro, they jumped into action. I was on pins and needles watching him try to untangle the bird as he was getting pecked by its powerful beak. He was so patient as he worked on the leg that was tangled in the fishing line. Take a look for yourself and wait for the happy ending at the conclusion of the video. A donation link to support their valuable mission is at the bottom of this article!

I'm sure it feels so rewarding for the entire team in the end. We thank you for all that you do! Find out more about the Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center & Western Kentucky Raptor Center HERE.

"Each year, Nurture to Nature and Western Kentucky Raptor Center care for hundreds of animals after receiving phone calls from concerned citizens that have found an animal that needs help. Each animal receives exactly what it needs--proper food, appropriate living space, medical attention, etc.--but we can't do it without your help. Both Nurture to Nature and Western Kentucky Raptor Center are 501(c)3, non-profit organizations."

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