It drives me crazy to have to pass someone on the right. Why would someone drive in the left lane if he or she is going to drive slowly?

I run into this most often traveling down I-65 in Tennessee where someone invariable will take up residence in the left lane and then do, oh, about 69 in a 70.

Okay, yes, the speed limit is the speed limit for a reason. But on Interstate 65, most drivers routinely drive close to 10 over the speed limit.

And if you aren't a fast driver, that's fine. Just head over to the right lane and enjoy!

Oh, and, by the way, 65 has THREE lanes in Kentucky, so there really ISN'T a reason for that left lane nonsense.

So, having said that, look what I found on Twitter. I don't think I've ever seen this happen and have wondered if it really WAS a violation:

I guess so.

Hey, it's no big deal. Just drive in the right lane if you're going slower. You'll be welcomed with open fenders.

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